Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kindergarten Memories

For my writing class we are working on creating texts from our memories. Man, they are making me think. My assignment right now is to write a narrative about my favorite kindergarten memory! Ok, kindergarten was 20 years ago! I barely remember yesterday, let alone kindergarten!

I have been wracking my brain for days now trying to remember all I can about those days, and have found it interesting the few things that I can remember. For example, I remember "fruit art" day. My teacher had easels set up all over the room and we each got to put on a painters apron. We then took various kinds of fruit and cut them in half. I particularly recall using apples, oranges, and lemons. Once we each had our bundle of fruit halves we would dip the fruit into a bowl of paint and then stamp it onto our paper. The result was all kinds of bright colored fruit texture lines all over our paper. Funny huh! I also remember the alphabet characters. The classroom was decorated with letters of the alphabet that all had faces and arms and something that started with each particular letter. Each day or week or whatever when we would work on each letter my teacher would bring that particular alphabet character down and put it in the center of the chalkboard. Then one day toward the end of the year when we had finished we had an alphabet day where we each got to dress up as our favorite alphabet character. I don't recall which one I chose, but I do remember it was fun! Finally the last thing I remember about kindergarten was nursery rhyme day. This memory is pretty fuzzy, but I do remember that we all got to dress up and act out various nursery rhymes. I remember I got to be Little Miss Muffet!

So, these are my Kindergarten memories. I'm not sure yet which I am going to use for my assignment, but it has been fun reminiscing and recalling the innocence of childhood.


CTR2002 said...

Cool you remember. I can't recall a thing... :( Maybe that's good? lol

LeaAnne said...

Funny what you remember, I LOVED G week ..everyone got a pack of GUM! lol When my ds was in Kindie for G week they ate Grapes..lol life has changed!