Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girls Night Out

What's more fun that a night out on the town with a bunch of your girl friends? I submit that there is nothing more enjoyable. What a good time we had, and I have photos to prove it!

We originally headed off to the Cheesecake Factory to enjoy some of that delectable goodness, but once we arrived we were informed that it was a 4-5 hour wait!! Yikes!! We ended up walking over to Macaroni Grill, the wait there was only about an hour and a half...much better!! While we waited we walked over to the bookstore for some frozen hot chocolate. Lisa and I approached the cute little worker girl behind the counter and asked if they had frozen hot chocolate...she had never before heard of such an item but as we described it to her she agreed to take on the challenge and create it for us...therefore, our treat became known as "The Experiment". I have to say that she did a great job at one point she offered us a taste test to see if it needed anything else...we told her to add a bit more chocolate, she did and it was perfect! She then gave our Experiment the full treatment topping it with whipped cream, white chocolate shavings, and a stick of dark chocolate! It looked so good I took a picture!

Finally after devouring our Experiment it was time to head back over to the restaurant for dinner. We still had to wait a little while for our table and were given Butterfinger shots and cheese bread while we waited. Yum! While several of us were contemplating stealing the ever so cute shot glasses the lights in the room started to flicker and we noticed some commotion going on in the center of the dining area. We soon discovered that it was the restaurant's 20th anniversary and they were celebrating by giving out free meals to different tables throughout the night. How fun is that!?! Speaking of fun, we were soon called out from the crowd and headed to our table where we found the tablecloth made of paper and crayons on the table!! YAY!! We get to eat and color at the same time, I like this place! As I was creating my masterpiece on the table the chef (cutie patootie Brandon) came over to the table and asked if there was a Tiffany at the table. I hesitantly raised my hand wondering how in the world he knew my name, he then showed me a drivers license for a 40-something year old named Tiffany and asked if it was mine...Um...nope... last I checked I wasn't 40 and blonde! Although this little encounter did lead to a nice bonding moment with the chef who told us he would try really hard to help us win the free meals. Throughout the night, we continued to eat, laugh, and enjoy ourselves. When the time came for the free meals to be given away he unfortunately didn't call our table number, but he did give us a little shout was awesome! A few minutes later he came by and said he really had been pulling for us to win, but since we didn't he would give us the 2nd place prize and brought out free desserts!! Wahoo!!

Once again what is better than a night out on the town with a bunch of your girl friends, a cute chef, AND free cheesecake?? Nothing, I say, Nothing!


Annie said...

You know, I got to eat cheesecake and see Chef Brandon, but I didn't get frozen hot chocolate. Nuts! That looked good. Mmmm...

Jewelsp said...

I didn't even mention the paper and crayons, I'm sure glad you did! It was an excellent way to pass time when we weren't stuffing our faces with bread and drinks. I hope your teeth get feeling better soon. Then next time will be even more fun!