Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Ok, so one reason I have not been posting too much lately is becuase my camera has acting strangely and not working very well for me. Good news is that I got a new one over the weekend and so I hope to be posting more often and showing you pictures of all the goofy and fun things I do.

I'll start of by telling how much fun I had celebrating our Independance Day. I started off the day by going to the parade. It was lots of fun, but it could have used more floats..I think there might have been one in the entire thing! My friend and I told our bishop that we think our ward should do a float for next years parade so they will at least have two! :)

After the parade I spent the day doing various things... One- I went and bought my camera, Two-I went and walked around all the booths at Cherry Days. It was fun, but way too much temptation to buy little things I didn't need. Last, but not least I went up in the mid-afternoon to lay down our blanket and secure our spot for the fireworks. As I was walking along the field heading back down to the parking lot I was startled when a bee flew in my mouth! I tried spitting it out, but when I did the bee just flew further down my throat. I tried gagging it out, but in the process of doing that the bee stung me and out of instinct from the pain I swallowed! Pain is a very difficult thing to describe but if I were to use the rating system of Brian Regan I would give this level of pain two very enthusiastic thumbs up!! It burned!! I tried drinking water at first and it seemed to help to keep my throat wet, however the pain was still really bad. It hurt to even take a breath. I realized this was becuase the stinger was still stuck in my throat. I went home and ate a few pieces of bread and luckily the stinger loosened and went down with one of the pieces. I then ate a big bowl a rainbow sherbet to try and soothe the pain. This brought a bit of relief, but not enough. My throat still hurts today if I swallow something hard or talk too much. However, I can't help but laugh at the whole story...I mean really...who swallows a bee! Ugh!

Despite the pain in my throat I went to the fireworks with a few friends and we had a good time. As we waited for the fireworks my friends played games while I played with my new camera and sat on my blanket reading my book (I'm addicted to Fablehaven). As I was playing around with my camera I noticed it has a special setting just for fireworks. This made me very happy and I got really excited to try it out. You'll find some of my favorites below. The fireworks were great and all in all it was a good day.

Waiting for the fireworks

I love this picture!!

Look at the clarity of these photos!
I love my new camera!!

And finally the grand finale!


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Great firework photos! Hey your like the lady who swallowed a fly! :) I can't believe you swallowed a bee! I felt so bad reading the story, but I did have a little laugh! I am glad you are ok!