Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Days

This summer I crossed a few things off of my bucket list. I went to Flaming Gorge for the first time ever. I have always heard people talk about the gorge and how gorgeous it is (no pun intended haha). This summer I got to see that for myself. I actually had the opportunity to go twice! The first time I went with my family and my aunt and uncle's family. It was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time around camp playing games and stuff. Some of the fam all went fishing and had fun doing that. I didn't get a chance to fish during this first trip, but I did have fun riding the tube with my brother. While we were out in the boat it started to storm. We decided to head back in, but my uncles boat overheated and died on us. We were stuck in the boat on the lake in the pouring rain watching the lightning get closer and closer to us. It was quite an adventure. We were bored in the boat so I pulled out my camera and we made a video to pass on to others in case we died in the storm. Here it is for you viewing pleasure.

Also, here are some pics from the trip:

My second trip to the gorge was for a family reunion. It was fun to see uncles and cousins that I had not seen for a really long time. This trip also had it's share of adventures. Savannah fell onto a cactus and had a million little cacti sticks in her hands. We tried to pull them out with some tweezers but it was literally like a rug on her hands. It was awful. We ended up driving to Vernal and taking her to the emergency room. It was so hard watching her cry and scream and knowing there was nothing we could do about it. Luckily the doctor was able to get them all out and help her feel better.
During this trip I was able to cross one more thing off my bucket list and that is that I caught my first fish! I had never been fishing before. It was just a little baby fish, but I caught it!! I don't think fishing is my sport though. It took me forever to catch a fish when everyone around me was catching them left and right. I finally ended up catching two, but they were both pretty small. My favorite part of fishing was the scenery. The little coves where we would go to fish were absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed taking pictures of the area more than I did fishing, but at least it is something I can know say I have done.
I learned something new about myself during this last trip. My uncle Mike brought up his boat and a new tube. My brother and I were the first to try it out. It was pretty much just a big round thing with a few handles to hang on to. It was quite a workout trying to hang on while they were whipping us all over the lake. I fell off three times before I finally climbed back into the boat. When I got in the boat my uncles were just laughing as they told me that every time I fell off the tube I literally skipped across the lake like a smooth rock! My uncle John told me I skipped better than any rock he had ever seen! I could kinda feel it as I fell off, but not in the way they described. I wish someone would have got a video of it becuase I would have loved to see what I actually looked like. I do recall the last time I fell off though. I went in pretty much face first and my head was tucked down just enough that when I hit the water I did a sumersault and then skidded across the lake on my back. It felt pretty funny! So, I now know that even if I never end up making something out of myself at least I know I make a good skipping rock!! Wahoo!! :0)
Here are some pics from this trip: