Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smile :0)

What makes you grin? You know the kind of grin that literally goes from one ear to the other. The kind of smile that you can't control. It comes simply because at that moment you are so happy you can't hold it all in and the happiness shows up on your face. C'mon I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about...think about it for a minute...does remembering the moment make you grin again?

I just had a moment that apparently brought this kind of grin to my face. I was sitting with a bunch of my girl friends chatting when someone knocked on the door. Whitney jumped up to answer it for me. I wasn't expecting company so I had no idea who it could be. I listened as she answered the door curious as to who was here. When Haylie looked at me and whispered, "Shut Up!" it was at that point I realized who was at the door. I jumped up and ran to the door.

Now, rewind...Last Friday I had a date with a guy that I'm pretty interested in. We had a great time and I really hope we go out again sometime soon. He's such a great guy. He's incredibly sweet and kind. He is goofy and just makes me laugh. I was in the middle of telling all this to my friends when lo and behold that is who shows up at the door. On our date Friday we had bought some plums and never ate them, so he brought me two of them. We stood in the kitchen and talked for a minute before he left.

As I walked back in to where my friends were waiting they were instantly a buzz with giddiness. The first thing they pointed out was that I had a huge smile on my face. I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop smiling. The more my friends pointed it out the more I smiled.

These are the kind of moments I love in life. Smiling is such a wonderful thing. Studies have shown that smiling can relieve stress, boost your immune system, and even make you look younger. Smiling is contagious and easily spreads among friends. Not all smiles have to be the huge ear to ear grins I experienced today. I believe there is huge power even in a tiny smile. The simple act of smiling can change everything. It's really hard to be sad when you're smiling. Have you ever tried it?? I have. It's kind of like trying to keep a straight face while someone is mercilessly tickling you. I know things go wrong in life and you can just smile your way through everything, but I do believe that even the bumpy days can be a lot smoother if we try to see things from a happier perspective instead of a melancholy one.

So, go laugh and share a smile with someone. It will make you both happy!

2 comments: said...

That makes me smile just reading it! :) Glad your happy!!!!

MKG said...

Like! :o)))