Tuesday, December 7, 2010


"The most wasted day of all is that during which we have not laughed." - Sebastian R. N. Chamfort

I spent the day babysitting Savannah and Isaac. It started off as not a bad day and then not long after feeding Isaac he started to get really fussy. I had to constantly hold him or else he would break out into screaming cries, it wasn't long before even walking around holding him wasn't enough to calm him down. I could tell this little guy was sick! Every so often I could get him to calm down for just a minute or two, during one of those time I was playing with him and trying to keep him focused on a silly little toy as I did he actually smiled and laughed. It touched me that this little baby who was so sick still found enough enjoyment in a moment to laugh about it.

Finally the time came that I left Layton and headed home. I was hungry and after having had a seemingly long day I decided I didn't want to go home and cook, so I pulled into the McDonald's near my house for some dinner and a redbox movie. Just as I pulled in I realized I'd left my coat with my wallet in the pocket at my uncle's house. A-1! I pulled back out onto the road and headed for the freeway to drive back to Layton. I was so frustrated and kept complaining to myself about why I was such an idiot and how much gas I was wasting now. My uncle was kind enough to meet me in Clearfield so I didn't have to go all the way to Layton, but I still complained the whole way there. However, on the way back I got thinking about the moment of laughter with Isaac earlier and realized that this was a moment that I could choose to laugh about rather than complain. I started laughing about how goofy I was for losing my wallet twice in one week. I laughed at my uncle's comment that it must mean I didn't want it and how he'd be glad to take it off my hands for me. I simply laughed, and it felt good.

What did you laugh at today?


mcb said...

So glad you found the humor and did laugh. There is nothing better than a baby's laugh...it's contagious.