Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Thanksgiving Ever!!

I have to say that this year was the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. A good friend of our family has been really sick for the past several months. She is now confined to a chair in her home. She has two kids a 17 year old and a 30 year old who has down syndrome. Anyway...we went over to thier house and cooked Thanksgiving for them. It was great! After we called them and asked if we could do this for them they were so excited. They said they were not even looking forward to the holiday. It wasn't going to be any different for them than any other day of the year.
The day went perfectly! We arrived at thier home about ten and my mom and I started on the cooking. We then played a game while we waited for things to cook. Afterward we had a fabulous meal (and I'm not saying that just cuz I cooked it). We visited and talked about all the things we had to be thankful for. Following dinner my mom, brother, and I cleaned everything up. Then we played more games, watched the movie "The Ultimate Gift" (if you haven't seen that movie I HIGHLY reccommend of my all-time favorites!!), and visited more. At one point my mom pulled our friends husband aside and asked if we were staying too long and wearing her out to let us know and we would leave. His response was that we were fine to stay, and that he had not seen his wife this happy in a long time. Later, as we were leaving she stopped us and with tears in her eyes said, "If we were to list what we are thankful for now, I would say I am thankful for this day" It was tender!! Oh yeah, and we sneakily, left them all of the leftovers!!
On the way home my family and I discussed how much fun we had and how warm and fuzzy we all felt inside. We thanked each other for sacrificing a little bit of their "normal" holiday traditions to spend time with this other family. Yet, none of us felt as though it was a sacrifice at all, we all agreed it was the best Thanksgiving we had ever had!


Stacy Householder said...

Ooooo That gave me spiritbumps!! That is a selfless way to spend thanksgiving. That is SO LIKE YOU!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Thanksgiving experience with us. I wish I had a magical story like yours. You're such an example to me, my friend. I love ya! :)

CTR2002 said...

Love "the Ultimate Gift" awesome movie! =D