Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wierd vs. Quirky

"I'm weird."
"'re quirky. Quirky and weird are...two very different things."
--Runaway Bride

I have officially decided I'm quirky! It's not that I am quirky on purpose mind you, it just happened one day out of the blue...I was walking around in a perfectly happy state of normalcy when all of a sudden WHAM I get hit by a huge wave of quirkiness and it has stuck with me ever since.

One way I am quirky is in regards to my obsessive compulsiveness. I have several friends who refer to me as Monkette sister of the obsessive compulsive detective Monk. It is also very fitting that I received a season of Monk on dvd for Christmas. I have been paying closer attention to this recently and have come up with the following list of quirky things I do:

--I like things to be closed. When I walk into a room with cupboards or drawers open I will always close them before I do anything else.

--I hate dirty white boards/chalk boards. Whenever I am in a class and the teacher only erases part of a word or leaves even a tiny speck of marker/chalk it takes all my willpower to keep me in my seat...all I want to do is walk up and erase it for them.

--I have issues with the following numbers: 6, 16, 21, 35, 41, and 45. I have no idea why, but I really don't like these numbers. I'll do just about everything to avoid using these numbers.

--When I go to bed I always have to lay on my right side first.

--It drives me nuts when a light is left on in a room that is empty.

Well, I have decided to embrace my quirkiness...and whether you be weird or quirky I think you should do the same! Repeat after me: "I glory in my eccentricities! I am proud of my strangeness! I am ME!" Doesn't that feel great!!


Jamie said...

Tiff, let's be quirky together! I have all the same issues (except the numbers one) you're not THAT quirky, right? Or maybe we just both are? SCARY!

Stacy Householder said...

Sweet! I'm the same.. but I have my OWN set of numbers I avoid! haha! I never knew I was to OCD until I moved out! It shocked me!!! haha.. I definitely didn't see THAT coming! :) Love you Tiff! :)

CTR2002 said...

I just think you're awesome.