Thursday, January 10, 2008

Handle with Humor

You know when you send a package with something really important inside and you are afraid it is going to get carelessly thrown around by all the postal workers you stamp it with a reminder to "handle with caution", well I think that when God sent us to earth knowing all the struggles we would face he stamped us with a reminder to "handle with humor".

I've found that whenever I'm having a difficult time if I can just find one thing to laugh about it makes everything seem a little bit better. My cute friend Mary Ellen Edmunds gave a talk once where she suggested to keep a box of things that make you laugh so that when your going through a hard time you can just pull it out and cheer yourself right up. I love this idea and am going to get started filling my box right away. Here are a few things that are definitely going in my box:

- "I was in my friends car the other day, He's driving. He had a pair of glasses on..I said, 'Hey I didn't know you wore glasses.' He goes, 'Oh, I only need em when I drive.' What the heck does that mean? Like ya get out of the car BOOM 'I can see! It's beautiful!' " --Brian Regan

- He said: You're the sunshine of my life. When you're near me, the gray clouds disappear and the radiant beams of light chase away the dark and the cold. When you leave me, the world is chilly and the clouds appear...
She said: Is this a marriage proposal or a weather report?


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