Friday, October 15, 2010


What do you do when you're bored?

I have been sick for almost two months now and am bored out of my mind. At first I was kind of excited for a break and an excuse to lie around and do nothing for a while. After a little while I felt like I had actually accomplished a lot during my streak of laziness. I watched hulu for hours and got all caught up on TV shows I've missed. Another big priority was staring at Facebook for days on end getting caught up on the drama in the lives of all my friends and family. While doing this I had the awesome idea that if I took all the Facebook status's posted over a week's time, changed names to protect the innocent, and inter-weaved a bit of my own creativity I could write my own soap opera! I spent about a day contemplating that and then decided my time on Facebook would better be spent building fish tanks. I chose to get my drama but catching up on the blogs of those I know...and those whose blogs I randomly the stories are much more detailed and interesting than one liners on Facebook.

I have spent time off the computer as well. During my good moments I clean the house...I try to keep those as rare as possible. I have spent as much time possible engrossed in the alternate reality of a good book. Once in a while I have a friend come over and keep me a bit of company. Now, I know you are wondering how I could possibly be bored with all of this going on...but alas, I am. I have resigned myself to putting photos of my friends into silly e-cards and sending them to the aforementioned friends. I'm sure the only result from this is that no one is ever going to let me take their picture again!

So, I'm wondering what do you do when you're bored? Any ideas I have yet to try?