Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween is an interesting holiday to me. When I was a young and the day was all about dressing up in cute little clown costumes while running around the neighborhood getting candy...then it was fun. However, once I got older and the "fun" of Halloween became haunted houses and spook alleys...I started hating the fact that this day came every year. I am not one that likes to get scared. I don't mind scary movies, in fact as long as I'm not watching them alone I enjoy a good spooker. It is another matter entirely when I am in the spooker. So, unlike the majority of people my age I do not pay money to go get the crud scared out of me for Halloween. I enjoy staying home and passing out treats to all the cute kids who are still young enough to enjoy the good part of Halloween.

This year my cute sister came over and spent Halloween with me. We got glow sticks and turned off all the lights while we watched some Goosbumps movies. They weren't scary for me, but Tara was pretty spooked. There was one about a giant snake that we had to turn off because it was too scary for her. It was fun having someone to celebrate with this year though.

There is one thing about Halloween that is a must for me every year. When I was a kid the thing I remember most was that we always passed out the same treat every year; pumpkin face taffy. My mom would take me out trick-or-treating and since no one was home to pass out treats we left a bucket of them on the front porch. I always loved when we would come home and still have some treats in the bucket on the porch, because that meant I got them. They have always been my favorite Halloween treat and even now it just doesn't seem like Halloween without them. You could take away everything about this holiday; the costumes, the trick-or-treaters, the spook alleys, the decorations, and as long as I still had my pumpkin face taffy it would feel like Halloween no matter what.