Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 9: Something you were proud of in the last few days

mm...this feels a bit like bragging, but I guess it will help you to get to know the little things about me...So, in no particular order here are things I was proud of recently.

1. I made it through an entire day of church meetings even though I was extremely sick and felt like dying the entire time.

2. I opened one of those "impossible to open unless your superman" kind of jars of applesauce all by myself.

3. I finally handed out the last of all my Christmas gifts. (Just have one Christmas card left to deliver)

4. I'm finally getting the hang of texting on my new touch screen phone without getting a complex of how fat my fingers are.

5. I've managed to make it 10 days into January without getting a ticket for not having my car registered yet.

6. I went for a nice long walk this week. Ok...this was mainly because I was trying to avoid driving and getting a ticket, but no matter the underlying motivation I still exercised!

7. I paid my tithing, despite the fact that I have barely enough money to pay my bills and have no money for food or gas this month.

8. I have blogged every day so far for this 30 day challenge!