Monday, December 3, 2012


As Christmas time approaches I find myself withdrawing a lot into my imagination as I dream of sugar plums dancing in my head. Christmastime is so full of magic and wonder that pulls at my heart strings and makes me feel just like a kid again.

When I was younger my parents did a lot to help keep the magic of Christmas alive for me. I remember one year I sat down on a night close to Christmas to write my letter to Santa. I wasn't quite finished with my letter when my mom came in telling me it was time for bed. I begged her to let me finish my letter first, but she insisted I get to bed and could finish it in the morning. I carefully folded the letter and put it in the envelope, and placed it in the center of the table where it would be safe til the next day. When morning came I ran to the kitchen to finish my letter so we could get it in the mail that day...Christmas was coming soon and I didn't have much time left to get it to Santa. I stopped dead in my tracks as I entered the kitchen to find the tabletop completely bare. Where was my letter?!? I frantically questioned my parents about it and neither had touched it. I was so upset. I looked everywhere for it and was so sad when I couldn't find it. I knew there was not enough time to write a new letter and get it to Santa in time for Christmas. I remember feeling so sad.

The following evening as I was watching tv I heard the ringing of Christmas bells just outside my house. I quickly shut off the television and listened intently, sure enough I heard them again. Running into the living room I heard a soft knock at the door and opened it to find Santa at my house!! He'd stopped by around Christmastime before, but I was still so happy to see him. As he settled down on the couch and my parents joined us. He said that he'd had his elves out and about helping him double check the naughty and nice list and one of them had brought something to him. He reached in his pocket and pulled out none other than my letter!! I almost started crying I was so excited!! I hadn't lost it after all, the elves saw me writing and thought they would save me the trouble of mailing it by delivering it themselves!! Santa said he'd noticed it wasn't quite finished and thought he would pop in and ask what it was I wanted for Christmas.

The second Santa left my house that night I rushed to the phone to call everyone I knew and tell them the exciting tale of Santa and my letter.

I am extremely grateful for parents that loved me enough to do things like that! Experiences like this one are the foundation for my imagination. I have always believed that God blessed me with a creative mind, but it was the magical experiences my parents gave me each chance they could that fueled my creativity. Albert Einstein once said, "Logic will get you from A to Z, Imagination will get you everywhere." This has been true in my life. I am not a very logical person, I am terrible at math and logical things; but oh the things my imagination can unlock for me. Whenever life takes a toll on me and has me feeling really down the one sure fire thing I have to combat it is my imagination. I close my eyes and escape into a world of wonder and mystery. I imagine a day where everything in my life went perfectly and when I open my eyes I find a smile on my face. Does it change the fact that I still have to face the reality of my problems, no, but it does make it easier to bear.

Without imagination life is dull, boring, and can only take you so far. Imagination is the basis of every dream come true. Every famous actor started out as a child imagining themselves as a star. Every big music star began as a child imagining themselves on a stage with thousands of people screaming their name. Behind every technological breakthrough is someone with an imagination. Behind every major blockbuster is a person with an imagination.

If we learn to use our imagination the possibilities of our world become limitless. So, where will your imagination take you?