Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family means Love

With today being Valentines Day, I wanted to write about the people I love....and since it's Throwback Thursday I am posting some old pictures of those people. 

I recently read a statement that said, "Family: Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories." That is exactly how I feel about my family. I have so many precious memories with these people that are so close to me. Memories I hope to never forget. 

The members of my family are definitely my best friends. For me family truly means love. It means loving and being loved for the rest of your matter what. Family means always having someone there to talk to, and always having someone there to listen. It means you are part of something extraordinary. Family means always having someone to laugh with and laugh at. It is the purest form of love that exists. 

Families are not always perfect and mine is no exception, but with every bump in the road we experience we grow closer together. It's because of the hard things we've had to go through that I know my family members are always there to lean on. I know I can call them any time day or night and they will be there to help me in times of need. Watching members of my family hit hard times and then fight their way back means that I know I can do it too. We are all there to support and encourage one another. We come together in the trials. 

My family is kind of crazy. We like to have fun and that means lots of laughs. Families are the people you can act like a complete fool around and they'll still love you the next day...but in my family it also means that they'll join you in acting like a fool. In the picture below you'll see a photo of my mom and I playing in the ocean in our street clothes. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We had just arrived in San Diego and wanted to quickly check out the beach, but didn't plan on playing in it just yet. However, the temptation to get our feet wet was too enticing and before you know it we were in up to our knees. People were looking at us like we were nuts and as we walked back to the hotel someone asked why in the world we had done it. We just smiled and laughed and said "Why not?" It was crazy, but it was fun, and it is a wonderful memory. I have so many other memories like this. Road trips with my brother, dance parties with my sister, laughs upon laughs upon laughs!

I love my family to the moon and back and I know they feel the same way.