Monday, February 11, 2013

One Word

Life is a journey of discovery and change. We all have goals, dreams, desires. We have things we want to do in our future, and things we want to quit doing. For one reason or another we all want to do better, be better, grow, develop, and change. This desire for growth is something I believe is in all of us. The things we want to change are different for everyone. We all have our own unique strengths and weakness. We all have different things we need to change and/or improve on in order to grow and reach our full potential. One thing I have learned is that the more we grow and improve upon our personal weaknesses the more we become who we were meant to be...who we truly are on the inside. 

Think of some ways in which you want to grow. Is there a certain thing you need to change in order to find that growth? Is there something you feel is missing from your life that you want to find and hold onto until it becomes a part of you? Is there specific goal you want to achieve? 

Now, that you've been thinking about what it is you need in order to further develop into the person you want to be I have another question for you... How would you describe that in one simple word?? 

I am getting ready to start on a project, a personal journey of discovery. It is a year long journey focused on one thing. In fact it is all focused on one word. The basic idea of this project is that you choose one word to focus on for the year. Then each month there are certain mini projects that you do to help this word take life in you. The goal is to really take time to cultivate what this word means for you and your personal desires for growth and by the end of the year it is something that you have not only learned from, but that has changed you, helped you to breathe deeper, see clearer, grow, and become more of the real you. 

As I prepare to begin this year long journey I am trying to decide what word I am going to choose for this project. I have had many words come to mind and am trying to choose the one that will mean the most to me. Here are a few of the words I'm trying to choose from: hope, happiness, faith, love, and peace. 

What would your word be? Please comment on this blog or my facebook post and let me know. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this. Also keep in mind that I may be blogging about this journey I'm embarking on several times throughout the year...just a head's up! 

Luvs & Hugs