Tuesday, October 9, 2012


"There comes a moment in everyone's life where you stop wondering and begin to believe" 

Do you have a bucket list? I have a bucket list; a long list of things I would like to do before I die. I also like to call this my dream list; a list of all the things I dream of doing. Things on my bucket list range from visiting Ireland to finishing an entire coloring book. Every day I add something new onto my bucket list, probably because I am always dreaming, wishing, and hoping. Life is full of so many amazing places to see, people to meet, and experiences to have. The unfortunate thing is that life is short, and so there is no way I'm going to be able to accomplish every single thing on my bucket list. For example I have a dream of going on a no budget shopping spree, but I highly doubt I will live long enough to make enough money for that to ever happen! (unless I marry Adam Levine, which is also on my dream list!!) I don't see anything wrong with having a dream of doing something that is probably impossible. From the time I was a little girl I have been taught that dreams can come true and to never stop dreaming no matter what. 

Alongside my bucket list I have what I call my been there, done that list. This is a list of all the things that were on my bucket list, that I have actually done. Things on this list range from donating blood to petting a giraffe. I absolutely love the feeling I get when I get to move something from my bucket list to my been there, done that list. The best feeling in the world is making dreams come true. 

Throughout my life I have found that the above quote is true, we all have moments in our lives where we stop wondering if our dreams are going to come true and we begin to believe that they will. When that belief in ourselves as well as our dreams is strong enough we can accomplish anything no matter how big or small. The power to make our dreams come true does not lie in riches or fate, it lies within ourselves. 

Go take a look at your bucket list and choose your next dream come true!

Loves & Hugs!


Thyanne Garcia said...

This inspired me, and is very true. :) It feels so great when you do accomplish a dream.