Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ahh...Sleep, what a wonderful thing it is to crawl into a nice warm bed, pull up the covers so you're snug as a bug, nestle into that fluffy pillow and just relax. You let every muscle in your body go loose, every bit of the days stress just releases into the covers surrounding you. You cuddle up in your favorite sleeping position, close your eyes, and try to picture a beautiful field of lush greenery, butterflies everywhere you look...but the image won't stick....your mind starts to wander...what time is my appointment tomorrow...did I lock the door...what am I going to do about this problem, and that problem? You toss and you turn, but the harder you try to fall asleep the more awake you are. Finally out of frustration you throw back the covers screaming, "I give up". Sleepily you wander into the kitchen to grab some cookies and milk, then you plop in front of the tv for some mindless entertainment until you finally drift off to sleep.

Am I the only one who goes through this? Sleep seems to be a precious commodity that I don't get much of anymore. As a teenager I had no problem functioning on very little sleep. I could easily stay up all night reading my favorite mystery novel then get up and go to school in the morning. Now, that I'm older I need every bit of sleep I can get. As a kid getting sent to bed early was a punishment, now I view it as a reward! I recently read a saying that said, "Adults without sleep become tall two-year-old's". How true is that!?! When I don't have the sleep I need I feel like a tall toddler who simply wants to be tucked into bed and left alone.

Bedtime is upon me and the tossing and turning has commenced. I'm sitting here eyes half closed, wanting nothing more than to slip away to dream land. Hopefully I will get a bit of this precious gift tonight, but if not there's always the cookies and milk!