Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clearing out the Negative

Have you ever had one of those days where all you wanted to do was cry? Maybe something super sad happened like the death of a loved one or loss of a job. Perhaps you simply saw a sad movie, stepped on a lego, or ran out of chocolate. No matter the reason for them, tears can be very cathartic.

Life is full of it's up's and down's and I often have days where I just feel like curling up in a ball and crying. I want to cry out all my anger, fear, frustration, worry, and stress. Society tends to look upon tears as a bad thing, a sign of weakness; I disagree. Experience has taught me that tears are the bodies cleansing our hearts. They free us from all those negative emotions we are feeling and bring us to a place where we can begin to feel peace.

One of my all time favorite TV shows is One Tree Hill. It is full of amazing quotes about life. Here is one of my favorites:

"...cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles" How precious is that!! It's totally true! When your heart is heavy and weighed down by sorrow tears release the pressure of that weight and make room for  a heart of smiles, sunshine, peace, and hope.

Next time you feel like sobbing into the closest pillow don't hold back. Let it all go, let the tears flow, and free yourself from the negative emotions that are closing in on you. Give yourself a break, we all deserve one now and then! Have a good cry, eat your favorite dessert, and then move on with the hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Luvs & Hugs