Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Country

I am extremely grateful to live in a free country.

I am not one who is big on politics. Let me rephrase that...politics make me crazy! Since this is a presidential year the craziness is over the top. I watch the debates and can't help but think it is just like watching two toddlers fighting over a toy, breaking it, and then telling mom that the other one did it. Every commercial that you see isn't telling you why you should vote for a person, but why you shouldn't vote for their opponent. People who have never met either candidate are suddenly experts on them and will tell you everything they know whether you want to hear it or not. There are legitimate debates held on television and a million other debates held on Facebook. Only those debates don't have a moderator and turn into more of a boxing match. Meanwhile, I silently decide who I want to vote for and then spend the rest of the time counting down the days until the madness ends.

Having said that I am glad that all of this craziness happens because it means that we live in a free country. It means that I have the right to vote for my next president. I have opportunities given me that so many others in this world are denied. I have a right to choose who I will support. I have the freedom of speech to join in on the Facebook debates if I choose to. I even have the right to ignore these special opportunities and do nothing.

As much as politics make me crazy it also makes me grateful. I am so blessed to live in The United States of America