Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm writing today to say that I am grateful for vacation!! I mean who isn't, right? Life is stressful and we all need a break from it now and again. I personally think vacations should be mandatory at least once a year.

My idea of the perfect vacation has nothing to do with destination and everything to do with who I am vacationing with. I used to work for a travel company and once a year we would close down the company and travel to our main selling destinations in order to familiarize ourselves with what we were selling. It was work, but we also got to do a lot of playing. Yet, it wasn't nearly as much fun as when I head to that exact same place with friends or family. People make the difference!

For someone who loves to travel I haven't been to many places, but I love to go where I can when I can. I love to fly, because it saves time. I can go from being stuck in my boring, lame, life to having a party at the beach in no time! However, road trips can add a lot of flavor to a vacation. Sometimes it is a bitter flavor, like if you're stuck in the car for hours and your legs get restless, but you have no room to stretch them out. It can also be sweet bonding time as you play the "movie line" game and pass around the fruit snacks! I recently went on a road trip with some friends and each time we stopped for gas we got out and did a 4-minute work-out in front of the car. It was fabulous!! Our bodies got stretched out, and we bonded while giggling through our jumping jacks.

The worst part of a vacation is having to come home. Nothing is more depressing than leaving sunny California to head back to wintry Utah. Bleh! No matter what the weather is like or where you are vacationing leaving the carefree lifestyle of vacation to head back to "real" life is just a super let down. Good thing vacations are mandatory and we get to go on another one next year! Right?

Luvs & Hugs