Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday's

Today I am thankful for lazy Sunday's. I had one of my spells yesterday and spent today resting it off. I love days where I stay in my pj's, sipping apple cider, and watching Psych on Netflix. I know that is what I spend most of my days doing, but it just feels cozier on a Sunday afternoon...maybe because I feel like that is a day set aside for rest and staying in my pj's all day on a Wednesday feels like I'm just being a bum! Yes, Sunday is the perfect pj's all day kind of day.

Sunday's are a perfect day for catching up on missed TV shows, watching black and white movies, and taking extra long naps. Another thing I love doing on Sunday is curling up on the couch under a super cozy blanket and reading a book. Yes, Sunday is a good book reading kind of day.

Sunday is also a good day to get together with family. I love Sunday family dinners and conversation. Sometimes we even clear off the table and play a game, or watch a movie together. Yes, Sunday is a good family togetherness kind of day.

Sunday's are considered the Sabbath Day. Because I wasn't feeling well I wasn't able to attend church today, and there was definitely something missing from my day. I love going to church and feeling of the spirit. I love partaking of the sacrament and singing hymns. Yes, Sunday is a good fill your bucket for the rest of the week kind of day!