Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny Movies

Being sick there isn't much to do. I spend my days lying around the house playing on either facebook or webkinz (yes I own a webkinz....three actually) or I waste the time away watching movies. The other night my mom rented a movie that I'd heard was a good movie, but that was all we knew about it. As we started to watch it we were instantly laughing. We laughed so hard throughout the show that my friend Dave even had to get up and walk around because his gut hurt from laughing so hard! So, here I am highly reccomending the movie called "Ghost Town", you all must now go and rent said movie and laugh as hard as you possibly can. Keep in mind that it really wouldn't be so bad a thing to die laughing. Once you've seen it you can comment and tell me how much you loved it. On the other hand if you are some insanely wierd person who didn't like the movie, and didn't laugh until you cried then please don't comment and make me argue with you. LOL

Have fun laughing!