Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today I am wondering if spring has finally sprung? It doesn't necessarily feel particularly warm outside, however it's not freezing so that is a bonus. However, despite the lack of extremely warm tempertures the sun is shining and the snow is melting....I am jumping for joy because of ths. So, I am wondering is this the beginning of spring or is mother nature just playing a trick on us and will send winter back in a week or so? I am crossing my fingers it's not a joke! I love spring and really really dislike winter. I love being able to open my curtains and see sunshine instead of snow dumping down and piling up! I am hoping so much for spring that I feel like breaking out into a song and dance number for mother natures hopeful enjoyment and hopeful convincing that it is time for spring. Think it would work? Any ideas for the words to my song? I keep thinking of the Sunbeam song (thanks to savannah)...how about this version to that tune...

I am ready for sun Beams to shine on me each day
In every way try to warm me at home at school at play
Some Sun Beams, Some Sun Beams, I am praying for Sun Beams
Some Sun Beams, Some Sun Beams, I want the sun Beams to stay!

In honor of our springy, sunshiney day as well as my new sunbeam song, here is a video clip of my cute little cousin Savannah singing her new favorite song... Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Sorry it's sideways...can't figure out how to fix that...mm...