Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Bored

I just have to say that I am SO bored. I really wish my head would put itself back together and stop hurting, so that I could get back to actually having a life. I was having a perfectly fun life and then all of a sudden one little whack of my head and life gets all dull and boring. It's like fun just flew out the window and didn't even bother to wave goodbye. Now I am stuck with watching tv and checking my email ten times a day just to find there still isn't anything there! So, if anyone out there has any bright ideas of things I can do while I'm drugged and laid up here at my mothers house that woud be awesome. In the meantime I am just making a list of all the things I am going to do as soon as I am healthy again. So far that list is getting quite long....I'm ready to do just about anything like bungee jumping off mount kilimanjaro!