Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've been in a lot of pain today and feeling really weak and lethargic. I tried to get ready for the ward activity tonight, but was just too sick to go. So, I got back into my comfy pj's and crawled back under my comfy blankets, snuggled up with my comfy pillow and put in a movie.

Sometimes you just have days where you want to be comfortable. Being comfortable physically helps me to feel comfortable emotionally. When I'm snuggled up on the couch watching a good movie or reading a good book the world around me doesn't seem to matter that much. I can escape my reality and join the reality of the movie or book. When I'm comfortable life just seems right. You don't have to worry or stress about anything. It's a time to just enjoy the moment, relax, and become one with the couch.

Another thing that makes me comfortable is a nice cup of hot cocoa or warm apple cider. When I combine the warm comforts of my pj's and blanket with a cup of cider I can literally feel myself slip away into a moment of pure bliss...sometimes that leads to me slipping into a nap as well...

I am so very grateful for the little comforts I have in my life. Little things that I tend to take for granted sometimes. I think about all those in the world who are suffering in the cold and sleeping in the streets and my heart breaks because they don't have these simple comforts that bring so much happiness to my life. I have been so blessed and am humbled by the million little comforts that I get to enjoy each day.