Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Bishop

We all have times where we need someone to talk to; someone who will listen to the joys and fears of our heart. The person I most often turn to in those moments is my Bishop. Meeting with my bishop gives me a chance to discuss challenges, disappointments, and accomplishments with the someone the Lord placed in my life with the specific direction to listen and to help. Over the last three years my bishop has gone from being a stranger over the phone to being one of my very best friends. He is someone I can truly talk to about anything. He is always there to listen and help where he can.

I've been struggling with something for a while now and last night I realized how much I needed to talk to Bishop about it. I sent him a text asking if he had any time to talk today. I know he is a busy man and did not expect him to say yes, but I sent the text anyway. At first he said he didn't have any open time to fit me into, but once I expressed the importance of what I needed to say he told me to meet him right before church and he'd probably have about twenty minutes in between his morning meetings and the start of church. I thanked him and planned to meet him at the scheduled time.

My alarm didn't go off at the time I planned and as quickly as I tried to get ready I ended up leaving my house at the exact time I told the bishop I would be at the church. I got there as quickly as I could, but feared he wouldn't be able to talk to me due to my tardiness. However, as I walked in he led me into his office and we started to talk. I'm not sure at what point he realized how truly important this conversation was to me, but somewhere along the line he made the decision that time didn't matter. We ended up talking for about an hour. We both missed our first meeting, and I know that is something that he doesn't like to do. The discussion we had was one that was very important to me and much needed. I had things I needed to say and I am so grateful that he took the time to sit and listen to me.

In speaking on the role of a bishop, Bishop H. David Burton once said, "He is there to help you, guide you, listen to you, keep your confidences, and to strengthen you in your relationship with Lord."

Today I am extremely thankful for a loving and inspired Bishop who helps, guides, and listens to me. He has truly been a strength to me and helped me grow in the gospel. He has taught me many principles that have had a huge impact on my life. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for him and the lessons he has taught me.


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He really is a great guy! Love you girlie!