Monday, November 22, 2010


I say my prayers, morning and night, every day. I pray over all of my meals. I pray for the missionaries and Pres. Monson. I pray for friends and family. I ask for special blessings on those who I know are struggling. I am thankful when these prayers are answered. I am grateful for the miracles that come when faithful saints of God are joined together in prayer. However, today I am grateful for answers to different kinds of prayers. Today I am thankful for the answers that come to those silly prayers I pray. The ones where I ask for help finding my keys or that my hair will do what I want it to do so I can get somewhere on time.

Yesterday something silly went wrong with my computer. Nothing big, nothing that I couldn't live without, but it was an inconvenience, I prayed that Heavenly Father would help it to work as I restarted my computer several times, downloaded updated software, etc.. still nothing worked. I finally just resigned it was something I was going to have to deal with and moved on. This morning I turned on my computer and a little bubble popped up on the screen telling me to turn some component on. I clicked on it, and in seconds it fixed everything. I was thrilled.

This was something so simple. I'm sure as I prayed about it last night Heavenly Father sat there thinking, "Really? You can't live without that? There are people in the world that don't even know what a computer is and your fretting about this little thing?" Despite how silly of a thing it was to pray for I am super grateful that Heavenly Father listened and answered my prayer. Knowing that He cares enough to answer my silly pleas for assistance helps me to know that He is there listening when I pray for the big things too.

I love Him!