Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend.

A lot happened this weekend that I was thankful for. It would be long and crazy for me to give you details of it all, so you get the highlight reel!

1. Playing Littlest Pet Shops with Savannah.
2. Watching Isaac's face light up when he sees me coming. He's got the cutest little smile ever!
3. Watching the movie Tangled. My new favorite Disney movie.
4. Sweet Potato Balls...nuff said
5. Tickling Savannah to sleep while listening to her talk about dreams.
6. Sleeping in on Black Friday
7. Spending the day at Treehouse Museum with Savannah and Tara.
8. Jazz beating the Lakers
9. Mom paying my way into a movie to try and cheer me up.
10. Curling up with a blanket while watching the snow fall outside.