Wednesday, November 10, 2010

People Do Amazing Things

Today has been an interesting day. I'm not gonna lie, the morning kinda sucked a lot. Luckily things changed a bit as the day went on. I've had a bit of a worry on my mind the last little while...maybe more than a bit and probably more than one, but you get the idea...I needed to pay my rent. I have the money in the bank that's not a problem. the problem lies in the fact that I feel like crud and don't have the strength to get over there to actually give them the check. Fearing I would soon be kicked to the curb if I didn't get that check to my landlords soon I called a friend and asked her if she wouldn't mind running it over for me. She agreed and came on over.

When I first reached out and asked her for some assistance I imagined she would be busy and would simply come over pick up the check, go drop it off and then go back to her regularly scheduled day. Instead, she came in and actually made herself right at home like I always tell her to, it made me smile! Then we got talking. As we talked about different struggles that were going on in her life the thought occurred to me that God works in mysterious ways. I called her up today because I needed help, yet as I sat there listening to her vent I realized that out of the two of she needed help more than I did. She needed a friend, a listening ear. She needed a safe place to vent and let out her emotion. My problems could have waited for another day, but she needed a friend now. I believe God knew this and that is why things occurred the way they did today. In the end we were able to help each other. She will probably hate me for writing all of this about her, but it was something that taught me a lesson today and I am very grateful for that. I love my friend and the amazing things she does.

When the time came that my friend went to pay my rent she came back with a smile on her face and a $50 bill in her hand. She said that my landlords had asked how I was feeling and she'd given them a quick update on my health situations. Then one of them told her to hang on and walked away for a minute, he returned with the cash in hand and said they hoped I got feeling better soon and wanted to give me $50 back on my rent this month. I was in shock as she handed me the money. I mean most people send get well cards when someone is sick not give them $50! I wanted to rush in and give them both hugs, but was too ill to do so. I've been trying to think of what to say to them in a thank you card, but words just don't seem to be enough. My funds are tight right now and it's the worst time of the year to have tight funds. I have a million things wrong with my car that require money to fix and have been stressing for a while how I'm going to gather up any spare cash to pay for everything plus do Christmas. True, $50 isn't going to solve everything, but it is a generous gift, one I had not expected, and one that will truly help in these moments of stress. I love my landlords. They are the sweetest most amazing people ever. I couldn't have asked for better living situation. I have the perfect little home, an amazingly cheap rent rate, and the most kind and caring landlords anyone could ask for. How did I get so blessed, and why?

During the time my friend and I were talking I sent a silly text teasing my Bishop about how he is always telling me he'll make me a malt...side note here, homemade malts by my Bishop are seriously my favorite treat on earth...when things in his life slow down a little. Now, for those of you who know the life of a bishop, especially a singles ward bishop, you may know that life doesn't ever really slow down for them. Particularly not when you have a fairly demanding job, a wife, and three young children to take care of. I'm smart enough to know that when he refers to life slowing down it is about as possible and pigs learning to fly. I won't repeat what I said in my silly little text, but suffice it to say that my friend and I found it to be fairly funny. In sending it I expected to receive some sort of joking text in return. Hours went by without a response from him, I was starting to wonder if he had missed the humor in it or if he was just being a typical bishop and didn't have time to respond. I kind of let it slip from my mind and went about doing my normal nightly activities...which means I sat on the couch vegging out on my newly purchased groceries while watching Glee...when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Bishop standing there with a freshly made chocolate malt! I couldn't hold back the laughter as he handed it to me and told me to enjoy it. Even though I think we both know that I was teasing in my text I love that he actually went home and made me a malt. It completely made my day and was the perfect treat as I finished watching Glee. ( was SOO yummy!!) I love my Bishop and the awesome friendship that we have. I am so grateful for the little things he does to brighten my day and let me know how much he cares.

People do amazing things. Everyone of the people I have mentioned in the paragraphs above did something amazing that touched my life today. I believe that if we take a step back and look at our lives we will find that we all have people who do amazing things for us every single day. Sometimes if we look close enough we may find that we are even that person for ourselves. So go out and do something amazing today. Go make a difference in the life of someone you love. Remember that by small and simple things are GREAT things brought to pass!


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LOL! Brook, I love you too!