Monday, November 15, 2010


I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to announce a few changes. If you notice over on the side I have added a few pages...these are just a place where I will put videos and things that I really like but don't write an entire post about. Simply for my enjoyment and hopefully yours as well. One is more for fun and the other is more for a bit of spiritual upliftment.

The second bit of info that I have for you is that I have started a blog just for my creative writing. I love to write and do it mostly just for my own enjoyment, but I have had a strong feeling lately that I needed to share some of the things I write. I cannot guarantee what kind of things will end up on that site. A lot of what I write is based on emotion and if I'm having a difficult day I vent it out through my writing, for this reason some of the things I write may be a bit depressing to some. I will try not to post if they are too depressing, but it is my blog and my writing...the way I express who I am. If I post something you don't want to read then simply skip over it...don't judge me for it. I have put up a few of the things I've written in the past to get it started. Let me know what you think.