Thursday, November 18, 2010

Giving Thanks on Difficult Days

A few weeks ago I got a card in the mail from a good friend of mine. The front cover reads, "How to Give Thanks on Difficult Days" on the inside is a poem that really applies to how I feel today.

How to Give Thanks on Difficult Days

Sometimes we can't thank God
For all we're going through,
But we can thank Him for the place
He's leading us to.

We know Christ wants what's best for us
And throughout life we've found
Each difficulty that we faced
Led us to Higher Ground.

-Perry Tanksley

Although there are little things I am thankful for today, like going to dinner and a movie with my sister, it has been a pretty melancholy day for me. There are things going on in my life that are tough and I don't feel in the mood to give thanks. Reading this poem helps me remember that there is a HUGE thing to be thankful for today, and that is the place that these rough times are leading me to. They are leading me back to my Heavenly Father. It's ok to not be thankful for the things I'm struggling through, but I need to be thankful for the one who is leading me through them. He has led me through every difficult struggle of my past and He's not going to give up on me now. I don't need to get on my knees tonight and thank Him for the awful day I had, but I do need to get on my knees and thank Him for walking it with me. He is my strength, without Him I wouldn't be able to overcome anything no matter how hard I tried. I am so grateful that He's not only there, He's the one in charge. If I stay close to Him, failure is not an option.

I love my Heavenly Father!